Du-kit is the easy to use oven bake modelling clay. The ideal material for making your own art works, craft items, decorations, jewellery, models, ornaments, toys etc.

24 colours in a range of vibrant, pastel, fluorescent and iridescent tones are available in 50g and 250g block sizes.

Manufactured from high quality materials which makes it durable and strong once baked. All the ingredients are non toxic and approved for food contact applications.

Du-kit gives scope to the creative mind in all age groups. It rewards the skill of the accomplished expert yet also the aspirations of the budding artist with its user-friendly properties. Non crumbly straight from the pack, it requires very little kneading and conditioning before commencing modelling. It is preferred for its vibrant colours and amazing shape retention during modelling, and loved by animators, home crafters and fashion jewellery manufacturers for its after-bake strength and durability.

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